Surf Fishing with Live Bait

Surf fishing is an exciting activity and involves fishing as you stand on a shoreline. To get the fish you want you have to use the right bait. There are various types of live bait you can use and your choice is generally determined by the fish you intend to catch.

Shrimp is one of the most popular live bait you can use for surf fishing. You can either use it when it is live or dead. If you decide to use dead shrimp, make sure the head and tail are cut off to entice more fish. When you are using a live one, let it swim in the direction of the tide. Hook it on its back and make sure it does not float on the surface when you throw it in.

Sand fleas also work well for surf fishing and they are easily found along beaches. Look for them when the waves recede and dig them out of the sand. Once you have picked them, store them in a container that has moist sand. If it is hot, make sure they remain covered. Sand fleas can be used to catch whiting, redfish, black drum, striped brass, pompano and croakers.

Another type of bait you can use for surf fishing is bloodworms which are usually pink in color. They are easily found in marine waters that are shallow. They are the best option if you want to catch sea trout, striped bass, bluefish, flounder and porgy.

Clam worms can also be used as live bait for surf fishing to catch surf perch, sea trout, porgy and whiting.

Crabs also make great live bait for surf fishing and you can even catch the crabs yourself. They can be found in marshes, canals, creeks and shallow bays. Hard shell crabs should be used whole to catch black drum and tarpon. The crabs that have soft shells can be used to catch snook, redfish and tarpon when surf fishing. If you want to catch smaller fish, you can use crab pieces.

Clams also make good live bait when surf fishing but most people have a difficult time trying to keep them on the hook. It is better to use the clams when they are fresh to make it easier for them to stay on the hook. You can also use frozen clams because they stay on the hook longer. Clams are a good option if you want to catch rockfish, surf perch, whiting, porgy, striped bass and sea trout.

Mullet can also be used as live bait for surf fishing and you can either catch them yourself or purchase them from a tackle shop. They can be used whole if you want to catch big fish but for smaller ones, you can cut the mullet into pieces.  There are half a dozen ways to hook your bait mullet, either through the head, behind the fin, or like the one in this photo, through the tail.  The goal is to keep the mullet on the hook without being stolen by your target fish.

Squid is also excellent live bait for surf fishing. They are easily available in fish markets and bait shops and are used to catch redfish, bluefish and striped brass.

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